We trust on continuously training of our Security personals, will be effected to contribute their total ability for smooth functioning of clients operation and expectation.

The following trainings are conducted at the head office or relevant branches as well as in relevant sites for all Operational Staff.

  • Basic Training
    1. Types of Security
    2. Responsibilities of Security Officers
    3. How to Provide the Security.
    4. Advantages of Having Security.
    5. Security Activities (Day/Night).
    6. Controlling In and Out.
    7. Gate Passes.
    8. Reception.
    9. Forwarding/Referring.
    10. Checking and Inspection.
    11. Check Points.
    12. Methods of Checking.
    13. For Effective Search.
    14. Receiving of Goods.
    15. Handing Over.
    16. Handling of Keys.
    17. Goods Loading & Un Loading/Checking/Inspection.
    18. When Patrolling.
    19. Vehicle Handing/Control.
    20. Lost and Found (Goods).
    21. Receiving Intelligence and Action.
    22. Act to Prevent Emergency Situation.
    23. Properly Understanding the tools and
    24. Security Equipment.
  • On the Job Training
  • Refresher Training
  • Training of Managers
  • Training of visiting Officers and all Supervisory levels